Study programmes

The UvA offers three master programmes related to Finance

  • Stochastics and Financial Mathematics (120 EC)
  • Computational Science, with specialization Finance (120 EC)
  • Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance (60 EC)

Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

This programme focuses on phenomena in which chance plays a central role, such as election results, fluctuations in stock prices or complex networks in a living cell, with a specific focus on Financial Mathematics, an important application field of stochastics. The Master’s programme Stochastics and Financial Mathematics trains the student in the full depth and breadth of these fields, in both theory and application.

See also The MSc Programme in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

Computational Science

Computational Science seeks to explain the complex world we live in using technological simulations. By collecting data and creating computer models, computational scientists can make predictions on varying problems such as how to influence the flow of traffic, how an epidemic will spread or the probability of individuals in society becoming addicted to drugs. The curriculum relies heavily on algorithmic-driven procedures (step-by-step procedure for solving a problem in a limited number of steps), but also involves lots of mathematics and logic. Students will learn to apply this knowledge to different research areas in the natural sciences. For example in computational finance, students can apply their knowledge to the understanding of the complex dynamics of stock markets and to the valuation of financial derivatives.

See also The MSc Programme in Computational Science (Joint degree of UvA/VU)

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance

The Master’s in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance (ASMF) is a stand-alone Master’s degree. The programme is unique in that its courses incorporate all the latest international developments, such as financial and solvency risk management, regulation and supervision, big data, market-consistent pricing and sustainability of pension systems.

See also The MSc Programme in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance