Case Studies – Career Event 2024


‘The Next Level Bank case’ 11.00-13.00

The students have the opportunity to advise the Next Level Bank, a young and dynamic financial institution. The students need to provide advice on the bank’s new significant investment. To effectively advise the bank, your Financial Risk Management knowledge needs to be on point! Are you ( a potential future consultant) ready to take on this challenge?


‘DNB insurance supervision – M&A case’ 15.00-17.00

During this interactive case, you will get insight into one of the most dynamic aspects of insurance supervision at DNB: mergers & acquisitions.

A foreign private equity company wants to acquire the ownership of a Dutch insurance company, and has applied to DNB for a ‘declaration of no-objection’ (DNO) for the acquisition. The intentions behind the acquisition are however not fully obvious… Together with your team you will assess the application, uncover any potential risks, and determine whether the DNO can be granted.


ING Financial Markets – Interest Rate Hedging Case’ 11.00-13.00

Description of the content:

  • We will take you step by step across the world of hedging financial markets risks by corporates with a specific focus on interest rates
  • We will provide you a brief explanation of the basic interest rate hedging products used i.e. swaps and caps
  • Alongside us you can plot different outcomes of hedging products used given certain scenarios
  • We will also give you some tips and tricks how to apply and how to find a role/job that suits you
  • Finally, we will show you the global and diverse career opportunity set at ING for Quants


‘Managing risks of renewable assets’ 15.00-17.00

In this case study, we will look into the main risk components of the revenues of a wind or solar farm which mostly depend on power market prices and weather conditions. How to quantify these risks and how can the asset operator reduce its exposure? Could trading revenue be optimized by adding battery energy storages to the portfolio? Evaluate different strategies and give us your recommendation!