About KPMG

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Who we are 

KPMG Netherlands is part of a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. With over 3,500 employees in the Netherlands in 12 offices, we contribute to progress that benefits people and society. 

What we do 

We help our clients achieve the growth and/or progress they aim for. Combining the latest technologies with what we have built up in the past century at KPMG: a foundation of knowledge, expertise and independent thought. Everything we do is based on the KPMG values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together and For Better. 


You will encounter an open and informal culture. A stimulating mix of entrepreneurship, creativity and team spirit. You can be yourself, feel appreciated and know that you can make a difference. At KPMG you are given a lot of responsibility early on and the freedom to develop yourself. Both professionally and personally. You will grow rapidly thanks to the diversity of engagements and the innovations you are involved with. 

Inclusion & Diversity 

We strive for a working environment where everyone feels involved and valued, and where there is room for all employees, regardless of origin, age, gender or disability. A diverse and inclusive culture leads to more trust, more growth and helps us stand up for what is right.  

Corporate Responsibility 

We have a high responsibility towards society. We believe it is important to give something back to society and focus on corporate responsibility. Every day we work towards a sustainable and fair world. Whether it concerns complex issues within our monitoring and consultancy work, thinking about a new mobility policy or stimulating innovation within education.

Quants at KPMG

There are numerous interesting career opportunities for quants throughout KPMG. We are constantly recruiting new quantitative talent for our advisory teams.

  • Do you have strong affinity with IT/technology? Maybe one of our IT advisory teams could be what you are looking for.
  • Are you a rising star in data science? Come and meet one of our big data / data analytics advisory practices.
  • Or maybe you are fascinated by fraud or (financial) crime, then our Forensic Technology team might be interesting for you.
  • Or do you have an interest in the financial sector? Interested in making deals? Our Deal Advisory practice welcomes quants to perform the best valuations in the market.
  • Or are you interested in managing financial risks of the biggest financial institutions of the Netherlands using your modelling skills? Then our Financial Risk Management team could be a perfect match for you.

Financial Risk Management at KPMG

Today’s session is hosted by our Financial Risk Management (FRM) advisory team, which is a team with a strong quantitative focus. Our FRM team dives under the surface of various financial organizations: how are risks managed, modelled or valuated? 

Through a deep understanding of those organizations, we create and seize chances within risk management. Strategic, model-based, policy-based or from a legislative point of view. Whatever angle you can think of, you will find opportunities everywhere within our Financial Risk Management team at KPMG.  

Financial Risk Management

FRM is a leading and specialized advisory practice in the market. We help banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset managers and other financial institutions with challenges regarding risk management and risk modelling. 

When you join the FRM team as a consultant you are immediately engaged in one of our challenging engagements. You could be calculating the quantitative impact of new Basel regulation on the profitability of a bank, you could be advising a large insurance company on their actuarial activities, or helping a company out with shaping or valuating their pension plans, or selecting a new asset manager for a large fund. You will be analyzing a lot of information, building models, and laying out the foundations for reports and presentations, but at the same time you will be engaged in client conversations. How does your client measure and manage risks? And which models does he use to do so? Visit the KPMG Financial Risk Management website for an extensive overview of our activities.